Web Design

These days all professionals need a website. It’s your business card, shop window, stage, and portfolio. Quite often it is the first impression to your audience, especially now that pretty much everybody owns a smart phone or tablet. In these fast times first impressions are important. It would truly be a waste to miss out on such an opportunity.

Combined with social media, traditional communication and your own network, a website is an essential part of the communication with the outside world. Just think: how often do you yourself use the internet to check on a company, product or information?

A good website adds value to your services. It increases revenues, publicity, goodwill, appreciation, client info, etc. Adding a webshop generates direct income.

Your website reflects your (corporate) identity. A visitor wants to easily see what you have to offer. This means a clean layout, recognizable style, easy navigation, recent images, readable texts and as little clutter and noise as possible.

I can help you with this. My answer to questions like “What is possible?” always is “What do you want to achieve?”. Together we will decide where we want to go, and then I will get us there. Simplicity and easy-to-use are my keywords to get us to our end goal together.

Along with web design, I can take care of setting up and organizing social media, or build a mail-list/newsletter structure. And just in case you would like me to, I can act as a webmaster or web/social media editor once the project goes live.

Together we can set out a strategy, make a plan, or just discuss how we can handle this.

Want to know more? Contact me!

What do you get?

You will have a website built in your (corporate) style, according to your wishes and needs, easily accessible, easy-to-update, by both you and me. Your website will be responsive, which means it works with various computer browsers, tablets and smart phones.

I like working with WordPress. But other CMS platforms and HTML structures are possible too.

Whenever necessary, I can call on experts in many fields for most “problems” and we can then find and offer a solution.

How does this work?

A website has to offer answers to the questions Who?, What?, Where?, How?, and Why? And if possible what “it” will cost. Contents and graphics need to focus on answering those questions.

I believe in as little clutter and noise as possible. Readable, quiet and logical are all things that will show my personal touch to your website. We need to show what makes you unique and we do this by using your own photos (no stock), personal texts, etc., with an open door approach. It is important to be original, without reinventing the wheel. (Or at least not too often.)

International customers

Obviously, this page (and the other English pages on the website) is aimed at international visitors. I live and work in the Netherlands. Dutch is my first language, English a second language. My web hosting runs on Dutch servers, with Dutch IP addresses, or on American servers, with US based IP addresses. The IP addresses link to physical locations, which is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If necessary we can always discuss a different web hosting solution. Also, because of my location, beware of the time zones; by the time California wakes up, Tal is ready for dinner.

Having said that, hello world! Let’s not worry too much about petty stuff like location, sleep and language barriers. Let’s get this thing going!